Roky Erikckson: You´re gonna miss me

Roky Erikckson: You´re gonna miss me

Macken brewery & Bio Rio presents: Fire demons! A tribute to Roky Erickson: pioneer of the psychedelic horror rock genre. An evening at Bio Rio with screening of the film You´re gonna miss me and release of the beer Don’t Shake Me Lucifer. Bar & music all evening with Nicke Andersson (The Hellacopters, Imperial State Electric, Entombed) and Johanna Sadonis (Lucifer).

You´re gonna miss me
Documentary about rock pioneer Roky Erickson, detailing his rise as a psychedelic hero, his lengthy institutionalization, his descent into poverty and filth, and his brother's struggle with their religious mother to improve Roky's care.

Texan band The 13th Floor Elevators coined the term psychedelic rock and were responsible for some of the garage era's most precious nuggets. With his visionary lyrics, their charismatic singer Roky Erickson was poised to be a huge star, but as his fame grew, so did his notoriety, and his drug intake and public declarations about the benefits of marijuana and LSD bought him to the attention of the local police.

The film sees Roky, surrounded by televisions and hi-fi equipment, cloaking himself with sound, while being looked after by his doting, overprotective mother, whose well intentioned refusal to allow Roky prescribed medication and psychiatric advice is questioned by his younger brother Sumner, who takes his mother to court to challenge her guardianship.

Director: Keven McAlester Lenght: 1,31 min Land: USA (2015) Ticket: 120 kr 

17.00 Bar & DJ:
Nicke Andersson and Johanna Sadonis will play Roky’s music legacy and music influenced by him

18.15 Film: You´re gonna miss me 

19.45 Bar & DJ: Nicke Andersson and Johanna Sadonis 



tors 22 feb.